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Professional Psychic And Tarot Card Reader Specializing In Love Relationships 

Psychic Reading

People from all over the world, from different places, statures, homes, use psychic readings as a tool to help and support them in their everyday lives. Though, some hide or conceal this from many of their friends and family due to the stigma or bad reputation attached to the idea of psychics and paranormal beliefs.

Psychics come from all kind of different walks of life. We're not always hippies or traveling in caravan lifestyle. We're often teachers at schools, drivers in the next car over stuck in traffic with you, or even the unexciting taxman that you weren't aware actually believed in psychics.

A psychic reading is a discussion or conversation between a psychic and their client to tune into their energy field and find answers and clarity to life situations by intuitive means with little to no information beforehand.

Psychics use a range of psychic skills and tools to assist them in their session. The client's role is to be open and receptive therefore the psychic can properly tune into them to gather as many details as possible which will enlighten the client.

Some people have a misconception that psychic readings are all about predictions, but that's not the case. More often than not, psychic readings are about gaining confirmation or information. And even a concise clarity about someone or something you believed to be true, but needed a second-opinion for validation.

Types of Psychics:


Clairvoyant Psychics have the power to envision images through the eye of their mind. Clairvoyance happens to be usually the most common style of psychic ability.

Clairaudient Psychics have the power to interpret messages from the Spiritual realm that are beyond the traditional hearing range.

Clairsentient Psychics have the power to sense feelings or emotions around an environment/place and from within an individual or group.

Claircognizant Psychics have a clear and concise knowing without visions or hearing voices. they do not get a sense, but instead receive direct insight or intuitive thought that comes into their mind.

Psychic Mediums can speak directly with spiritual and angelic planes specifically for the aim or purpose of reaching those that have passed on from our earthly plane or who were never from this world.

Psychic Empaths are sensitive intuitives who can sense the range of emotions from others. These sorts of psychics are available in many alternative forms and strengths and are extremely capable with relationship readings.

Channelers allow specific spiritual beings to commune through their mind and body to relay messages. Direct channeling usually involves a deep spiritual relationship between the channeler and also the spiritual presence.

Tarot Card Readers use a Tarot deck as a tool that assists them in reading a clients energy and discerning their past, present, and future. Specific spreads can help shed some light on where a client wishes to focus their questions.


When utilized in a general reading, tarot readers can get messages from the spiritual realm that Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, ancestors, or their higher selves feel they're required to understand and know within the present, but might not be consciously seeking answers to at the instant.

Psychics that use and work with Angel Guides are often connected to spiritual entities/presences: either Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and Spirit animals.

Psychics that use and work with Spirit Guides connect to a singular or several non-physical beings that are with us to assist us with every aspect and detail of our lives. Psychics can be able to either connect with their Spirit Guides or the clients or possibly both during a psychic reading.

Energy Healers offer a bit more than just a psychic reading or mediumship. Energy healers help clients release negative energies that have attached or grown inside the client as a results of trauma or psychic attack.

Many psychics develop their abilities and spiritual capability by using divination tools. These tools help hone and refine psychic abilities for several and still evolve as we learn more about the Spiritual realm and several people share techniques from other cultures.

Psychic tools function as a method to shed light on a specific set of variables so the psychic knows where to start within the reading instead of getting information from everywhere. for instance, a prenatal birth chart will help convey the challenges in someone's life path. Dream interpretations will shine light to a psychic about the subconscious messages the client's higher self is trying to send  or even along side Spirit Guides and Angel Guides. In tarot readings, specific tarot spreads will give more meaningful and concise information on particular topics than others.

  • Tarot Cards

  • Angel Cards

  • Rune

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Crystals

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Palmistry

How to Prepare:


Meditate and Clear Your Mind - use the time before your psychic reading to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the answers and clarity you'll receive. If meditation isn't working for you, consider getting into a brisk walk outside to release any negative energy.

Prepare Specific Questions - it is often a best practice to write down out your questions before your reading so when you complete and leave your reading you'll feel like you've got all the knowledge you were hoping for. Writing out your questions also allows you to grasp firmly onto your purpose in getting a reading to find the answers you were searching for and the way you would possibly integrate them into your life afterward.

Set Achievable Goals - once you're in your reading and afterward, be sure to think about what goals and steps are achievable and which are fantasy or illusion. Being honest with yourself and those around you helps to eliminate any future disappointment

Be receptive Receiving Guidance - there are presumably getting to be some pieces of information will find hard to believe or guidance that upsets you. rather than fighting it, allow yourself to take a seat with the knowledge for a short time before choosing what what your next steps are next.

Let Go of the Preconceived- if you enter a reading with a preconceived result/outcome, you'll not be capable to receive an accurate reading. once you come from a fixed mindset, you in actuality block real information from coming to you as there's an unwillingness on your part to grow spiritually with the knowledge . Let yourself be receptive what happens and what unfolds.


I am a professional, knowledgeable, master psychic and tarot card reader. I'm here to guide you through difficult phases and your life’s journey. I am able to answer any and all questions you will have. Readings will be able to give you absolute clarity you require to maneuver forward confidently. I specialize in, but am not limited to, love & relationships. I've studied the tarot for over a decade. I'm a licensed spiritual consultant and chose the tarot as my tool to reaffirm my vision for you. Every psychic medium should use some type of a spiritual tool to affirm they're own predictions.

Qualified psychic and spiritual guide who gives accurate psychic readings through a variety of mediums. Professional certified consultant who uses intuition to supply guidance to any and all clients, encouraging them to maneuver in an exceedingly positive direction and face the challenges which will lie before them.
When you schedule your psychic reading, you'll receive an in depth and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you are feeling you would like the absolute most guidance.
Make an appointment for your Psychic experience!

Areas covered include:

Love Psychic Reading
Professional Tarot Card Readings

Love and Relationships




Professional Tarot Card Readings

Guidance for Goals and Desires
Astrological Chartings

Guidance for Goals and Desires


Astrological Chartings

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Alica B. - Amazingly accurate! To the point and direct! She took her time and I didn't feel rushed whatsoever. My fourth reading with her, and her predictions were SPOT ON!!

Shooting Star- After briefly giving an overview of what I was struggling with... I needed clarity and insight and explanation of the other person’s state of mind. I had considered certain perspectives on my own, wondering if they were accurate thoughts yet I never stated my own thoughts to her and it was like she reached in and validated every thought and feeling and concern I had and backed it up with the reasons to the other persons behavior that made 1000% sense! It was the type of experience where your spirit recognizes TRUTH and it then becomes a spiritual experience for a reading. She is truly phenomenal, and I would say the best reading I have ever had! No joke!

Serving Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford, VA

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