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Palmistry is the art of outlining the physical features of your hands to interpret characteristics and also predict future happenings,  Chiromancy analyses are time honored. palm readers will observe how the hand's attributes connect to greater concepts.





Energy and chakra reading offer an in-depth look into of each of the seven main chakras, where they’re located, and what it means for them to be in and out of balance. In essence, when one or more of your chakras are out of balance or blocked, it’s said it can lead to physical illness and/or emotional stress.


Tarot Card




Tarot readings become a beneficial process for gaining helpful but also valuable insights. A quality tarot reading will confirm your intuition and will also open up more questions and options as part of a process so be critical when it comes to choosing a reader.




While there are Horoscopes and Tarot Readings or other sorts of divination, birth charts will work best once you have an issue in mind, a birth chart is going to be far more thorough think of it as a snap of all the directions your life could take; within the natal chart you can see your fears, drives, relationships family, siblings, children, psychological patterns, and also more on one sheet of paper

Serving Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford, VA


Sharon - She is absolutely amazing... The guidance and advice that was provided was accurate. It was more than a general reading and she knew things without me giving her much information. I felt very lost and her guidance helped me feel confident about my situation. I will definitely turn to her whenever I need guidance again. I’ve had quite a few readings on keen but none gave been as spot on or as calming as this reading. Thank you for giving me my confidence back.

Awesome quick 10 minute reading with her to get an update with a love interest of mine and getting affirmation on what needs to be done to keep the fire kindled. Appreciate her concise and professional approach. Also, she is always giving me cues that I am on the right path. :)

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